What is Beard Balm and why should I use it?

What is Beard Balm and why should I use it?

What is beard balm?

Beard balm is simply a leave-in conditioner that moisturises, conditions, softens, styles, stops beardruff and boosts beard growth. The ingredients should be aimed at facilitating proper beard grooming and when naturally based, should not have negative side effects on your skin or beard.


What should you look for in a good beard balm?

Good beard balms are often scented with blends of natural essential oils instead of synthetics. Synthetic fragrance oils often contain toxic chemicals which can irritate your skin and have some evidence to suggest that they can cause cancer. Ones to avoid will also have alcohol in them that can leave your beard more dry and brittle. Remember to read the ingredients of the beard balm before buying it.


When to use it?

The prime time to use a balm is directly after a shower, or while the beard is lightly damp. Rub the product between your fingers, and apply over your entire beard. While a little goes a long way, it’s important to try and imagine coating every hair for maximum effect. You’ll see the fruits of your balm labour almost instantly, although it’s important to use it regularly.


How is it different to beard oil?

Beard balm has an additional oomph factor, usually from the addition of wax. Balms are even more well-suited for longer, thicker, or coarser whiskers. Its an instant straggly hair tamer in-between trims, the product also softens the beard and gives it a noticeable healthy shine. It can even pull double-duty as a styling pomade for your facial mane. Many beardsman would argue that it is critical to making sure that your beard looks and feels its absolute best.


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