Mountain Woodsman Premium Beard Oil

Product benefits Conditioning, Smoothening
Hair type All
Scent Mountain Woodsman
Liquid volume 100 Millilitres
Item form Oil
Brand Beard Club


Our beard oil is a blend of 100% natural pure plant oils known for their ability to nourish, condition and moisturise beard hair on even the most sensitive face. Making it grow strong, thick, and shiny and bring the life back to your beard! Packaged in a 100ml bottle with an easy to pump dispenser, it lasts for up to 4 months with everyday use.


Designed for unobtrusive everyday use. It doesn’t clash with your aftershave and can even be used before bed to moisturise and soften your beard overnight. Scented versions are available.


Don’t suffer with a wiry, dry beard. Our unique blend of premium beard conditioning oils and vitamins has been reviewed, rated and guaranteed to make any beard soft and shiny enough to kiss! It also helps to moisturise your skin, preventing acne and smoothing wrinkles.


We know the pain and embarrassment all too well. Luckily, with our beard oil you will never have to deal with an itchy beard full of beardruff ever again. Feel confident in your beard and relieve these issues once and for all. We also have no synthetic chemicals or poisonous preservatives that are found in cheaper oils that can cause itching and are scientifically proven to make hair go grey faster.


Our oil has been tried and tested by thousands of beadsmen who all prefer it to other brands, and we are sure that you will too. However, if for some reason you don’t we offer a full satisfaction money back guarantee.

Make Your Beard Smell Amazing

Our beard oils comes in many different fragrances. All of our customers comment on how amazing they smell and how women can't keep their hands off your beard. You can thank us later for that!

Makes Your Beard Kissably Soft

Is your beard soft enough to kiss a baby? With regular use with this beard oil it will be! It will soften and care for your beard and skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Stops Beard Itch & Beard Flakes

Say goodbye to an itchy, dry, irritating beard & say hello to the best beard you've ever had. Our men’s beard oil is here to sooth stubble and beard itching with its anti itch relief, using powerful deep conditioning oils that nurture dry skin and fight beard itch and dandruff.

Unique Blean Of 6 All Natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free Luxury Oils

Beard Club beard oil is made with a unique blend of powerful oils that have been tried, tested and rated 5 stars on Amazon by thousands of men for their beard conditioning and softening ability.

Large 100ml Bottle Lasts For Months

Our extra large 100ml / 3.4fl.oz beard oil is amazing value and will lasts you months of use. It also comes with an easy to use, no drip pump to dispense the beard oil.


What is beard oil?

Beard Club beard oil is a blend of premium all natural oils that create a leave-in conditioner for your beard that moisturises, conditions, softens and helps stop beard itch and flakes.

How do I use beard oil?

Simply squirt a few drops in your hand and work it into your beard making sure to get to the roots. For best results comb through with a natural Beard Club beard comb or beard brush.

Can I use beard oil and beard balm together?

If you want an amazing beard first wash your beard with our Beard Club Premium Beard Shampoo. Then apply Beard Club Beard Oil. Then use Beard Club Premium Beard Balm to shape and style your beard. We have matching scents of all of these products to stop scent clashing.